2014, CHINA

Informational video/worksheet series. (Excerpt)

2 sets of video + text resources.


Video + text resources distributed through mobile platforms, providing Chinese high school students and their parents with more information about applying to US colleges.


Director + project manager.


Create video/text resources to help Chinese students avoid common pitfalls in the US college application process, as part of the WhyUEdu pilot online program for Dipont Education Management.

Key Contributions

Developed the initial concept of using freely available resources to encourage students + parents to make an account on the company's website. Led a team of 6 in background research, script writing, and translation for 4 videos and 5 worksheets.


2 distinct sets of video/text resources related to US college application essays and interviews, comprising 4 videos and 5 supplementary documents. The videos received over 36,000 views cumulatively on QQ Video mobile platform after being shared through the official WhyUEdu mobile social networking account (WeChat).