2014, USA

Intro video for a local public health program in Lawrence, MA.



An introductory video for a public health program by the Lawrence, MA, [ Mayor's Health Task Force], for use in meetings with potential stakeholders.


Made for community partners at the [Viswanath Lab] while working on my senior thesis film [A Bodega].

Implications for Future Work


I started off the process of making [A Bodega] with the aim of making a documentary about a public health program by the Lawrence Mayor's Health Task Force (MHTF). They were starting a new program focused on helping corner stores stock fresh/frozen prodce, as well host cooking demos and excerises classes, to create an environment of health around local resources. I visited bodegas and sat in on meetings with the MHTF, recording interviews and documentary footage along the way.

The timeline of the MHTF project ended up not aligning with my own timeline for finishing my thesis film and graduating from college. However, there was still a need for a tool to help explain the MHTF's goals + engage potential stakeholders around their corner store project. So, I worked on this video while finishing my thesis as a part of our partnership.