2018 (expected)

Animation (hand-drawn, stop-motion), live action video.

(Excerpt above)

Key Question:

How do I use documntary methods in a fictional animation to present the slice of the Latinx experience I was familiar with as a first-gen college student?

Current Status:

Rough cut of background audio in place. Interview with a community leader being incorporated. Animation sequences in an iterative process of production, testing, + revision.

Areas of Exploration:


I'm interested in exploring the experience of first-generation college students like myself and many of my friends. The feeling of isolation on-campus is relatively easy for me to describe, compared to the feeling of competing interests that can kick in after graduation. Family, community, self, and career can create a wide set of priorities, and it can be hard to feel like any choice is right. It can feel like making progress in one area takes time and energy away from another. I want to use the story of a Latina astronaut drifting off into space to help me organize my own thoughts about what I prioritize in my own life, and what lessons I might be able to bring into my future work.


For this film, I am imagining the unfinished business my main chracter might have left on earth as she drifts off into space. Despite her accomplishments, what personal dreams did she not actualize? What relationships does she wish she could turn to? What problems does she still want to solve?