Web app

HTML, CSS, JavaScript.


First class project for Northwestern Coding Boot Camp: a web app that lets users take a personality quiz about a loved one to receive a tailored set of gift options for them from Amazon, Etsy, and Ebay.

[Link to GitHub Repo]


Backend developer + content writer.


Working in a team of 4 over the course of ~2 weeks, create an application with a polished frontend, api calls, and a technology new to us at the time. We decided to make a gift-suggesting app using API calls to Ebay, Etsy, and Amazon. We dabbled in frontend frameworks to help us display the results in image carousels.


Answer the following questions about the gift receiver.


My Role

Developed/coded personaltiy quiz logic, co-authored personality quiz text, co-authored gift result text, and tailored API call parameters to return related, yet distinct, gift options from each store to match personality quiz results.


This was my first experience working on a web app with a group, and I decided to take on the underlying app logic as my main role in our division of labor. I worked through a back-and-forht process of picking gifts, deciding on personality types, and writing questions that would clearly lead the user to different personality types. I then had to figure out how to track the user's path down the branching quiz logic, and communicate with our front-end developers to make sure that information accurately affected the user interface. Thank you to my teammates John O'Connell, Liz Rondone, and Jordan Peart.