Animation (stop-motion, pixilation), live action video.

04min 22s. (Trailer above)

Personal Take:

Animation can be effectively applied as an observational documentary technique. It can be used to focus on individual details + individual human-scale movement through an environment, simultaneously documenting a personal experience + the physical environment it took place in.


  • Official Latino Short Film Festival, Exceptional Artistry award winner, New York, NY, 2017.
  • SHORT to the Point, official selection, 2017.

Implications for future work:


This film came out of a desire to apply animation as an observational documentary method, without the use of a narrator or other framing devices to give the film a familiar structure found in narrative films.


Despite its energetic pace, this film required a lot of slow, purposeful movement. Sometimes that meant taking a few steps, snapping a photo, and repeating until I got tired. Other times, that meant using a sound recorder to listen carefully to the environment around me, chasing down a soundscape that felt unique to that specific part of the city. Other times, it meant doubling back over my path to take photos of interesting recurring patterns in the environment I noticed through my slow walking. Sometimes I went into the day with a plan for my photograpghy, based off of online research or passing by the location earlier. Many days, I used a process of forward animation, in which spontaneity ruled as a I animted one step ata time without a predetermined path.