2017, USA

Fundraiser video for use in an online campaign through Generosity by Indiegogo.

01min 27s.


A video made for the [South Side Hackerspace] Generosity fundraising campaign to launch a high altitude ballon in order to document the August 2017 solar eclipse.


Director, editor, and primary videographer.


Produce a short video introduction to a fundraising campaign for a high altitude balloon flight documenting the August 2017 solar eclipse through live-stream video, photography, and 360 video.

My Process

Storyboarded a video based off of the group's needs, edited iteratively as the video progressed. Shot footage on-location at the South Side Hackerspace, in addition to using SSH members' video recordings and royalty free footage courtesy of NASA. Did all sound editing, animation, and video editing.


I took this on as a volunteer project to help support this local group of makers. The excitement they had for this project was contagious, and their resourcefulness + curiosity in carrying it out was inspiring. Beyond the launch of Artemis I, I know how important being in a community of creators is for nurturing technical skills + personal growth, and I was very happy to support this process in my own way.