I am motivated by a goal of
helping to advance social equity.

I aim to contribute by
amplifying underrepresented communities' voices.

I work toward this goal by weaving together
experimental documentary, participatory research, + web development.

I create work that
guides people through personal + community spaces in new ways.

I create work that explores new ways of
understanding others' lived experiences.

I create work that bridges
digital media + physical action.

I aim to address the inequities in today's social systems by
asking new questions to arrive at new answers about how we might redesign them.

And I learn the skills I need to accomplish this by
making the kind of work I want to see.


'10 Days in Saigon' icon

A 10-week web series documenting wheelchair travel in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam:

  • Discusses wheelchair accessibility in playful, digestible videos for an audience that might not necessarily be looking specifically for accessibility information.
  • Aims to challenge common mass media images of disability as an object of pity or "inspiration".
'A Bodega' icon

An experimental documentary; an asset-based look at health equity, made with ingredients from a bodega in Lawrence, MA:

  • Shows the potential of animation as a documentary method to inspire empathy, convery information, and join distinct yet related topics into one playful format with fewer audienec barriers than a more traditional documentary method.
  • Highlights my desire to amplify the stories of underserved communities from an internal point of view, rather than relying on problems/solutions to be define solyle by outside "experts".


'By Foot: Busan and the Sea' icon

Web app allowing users to document and access location-based data around wheelchair accessibility.
'No One CanHear You' icon

A mixed-media animation: the memories of Officer Hernández as she loses contact with her crewmates and drifts off into space.
'By Foot: Busan and the Sea' icon

Research partnership with NLM and Chicago Public Libraries to tailor + implement an educational tool about clinical trials.
'A Bodega' icon

A tri-instiutional U54 partnership focused on cancer health equity in Chicago. Community engagement activities + long-term partnerships to increase underserved communities' access to tri-instiutional resources.
'By Foot: Busan and the Sea' icon
Qualitative study on medical providers' perceptions of Planned Parenthood; independent analysis of US media coverage, utilizing Media Cloud platform.


guiding the viewer through

spaces + personal experiences

in unexpectedly playful ways.

'How to Make Yuca Frita' icon
An instructional animation: peel, chop, remove the stringy core, boil, fry, and eat.
'A Bodega' icon
An experimental documentary: an asset-based look at health equity, made with ingredients from a bodega in Lawrence, MA.
'By Foot: Busan and the Sea' icon
An experimental documentary: a solo trip through Busan, South Korea.
An experimental documentary: a cross between two marks.
Persefone's Breakfast icon
An experimental animation: Persephone's voice messages to Hades as she leaves the Underworld once and for all.


sheding light on complex processes that affect public health,

supporting community partners/co-investigators.


A content analysis of community-based organizations' social media posts.

Video explaining a community research partner's public health program.


bridging the

digital - physical divide.

Everything But Apples icon
A multiplayer web-enabled party game; a social-digital version of Apples to Apples.


Making work to help

organizations + individuals

achieve their aims.

A promotional video for the [Spanish Community Center] in Joliet, IL.
A fundraising video for a high-altitude balloon launch by [South Side Hackerspace: Chicago] to document the 2017 solar eclipse.
A 10-week web series documenting wheelchair travel in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Produced in partnership with [Muui].
2 sets of informational videos + worksheets on aspects of the US college application process.


drawing attention to

overlooked parts of my environment

through phsyical interventions

+ interactivity.

An interactive art installation taking place in a public bathroom.
A site-specific public art installation in Harvard Yard, produced as part of Harvard ARTS FIRST 2011.


building my skillsets

in filmmaking, web development, + project management

through smaller-scale experiments in areas that interest me.

NYT React App icon
A web app made with React and Bootstrap that lets users search New York Times Articles and select ones to save to the page.
Experiments in object animation with food to depict different facets of texture, color, and changes over time.
A fundraising video for a Kickstarter campaign promoting a Taiwanese artisan's work.
'By Foot: Busan and the Sea' icon
A technique involving 3D modeling, video/animation, and public art installation techniques.
'Badly Drawn Battle Game' icon
An experiment in JQuery to make a short puzzle game: figure out the order to face your opponents so that you win.
GiftPitch icon
A web app that lets users take a personality quiz to help find the perfect gift for someone from Amazon, Etsy, or Ebay.
An experimental animation: travel to the North on a map made of broken glass.
Interview series with Chinese college students studying abroad in the US.




Filmmaker, researcher, digital creator.


Bachelor of Arts, Harvard University, 2014. Magna Cum Laude, High Honors in Field.

Concentration: Visual + Environmental Studies. Secondary: Global Health + Health Policy.


  • Ramanadhan S, Mendez SR, Rao M, Viswanath K. Social media use by community-based organizations conducting health promotion: a content analysis. BMC Public Health. 2013;13:1129. doi:10.1186/1471-2458-13-1129.


  • National Academy of Medicine, Washington DC. (2017). Official Selection for Visualize Health Equity: A Community Art Show, "A Bodega".
  • Official Latino Short Film Fest, New York, NY. (2017). Exceptional Artistry award winner, "By Foot: Busan and the Sea".
  • TRAVEL FilmFest, Limassol, Cyprus. (2017). Finalist, Best Travel Web Series, "10 Days in Saigon".
  • Chicago Onscreen, Chicago, IL. (2017). Official Selection by the Chicago Park District for screening in 3 Chicago parks, "A Bodega".
  • Chicagoland Shorts Vol 3, Chicago, IL. (2017). Official Selection, "Persefone's Breakfast".
  • 14th WE CARE Film Festival, New Delhi, India (2017). Official Selection, "10 Days in Saigon".
  • Official Latino Short Film Fest, New York, NY. (2016). Exceptional Artistry nomination,"Persefone's Breakfast".
  • Chicago REEL Shorts Film Fest, Chicago, IL. (2014). Best Documentary nomination, "A Bodega".
  • Blue Plum Animation Fest, Johnson City, TN. (2014). Official Selection, "A Bodega".
  • Chicago REEL Shorts Film Fest, Chicago, IL. (2013). Official Selection, "Snow Queen Travel Company".


  • Northwestern University, Simon Lab.
    Chicago, IL. (2016.09 - current).
    • Conducted qualitative research on generalist healthcare providers' views, knowledge + experience making family planning referrals.
    • Applied design thinking and participatory design exercises to lead the lab team in ongoing internal communications process improvement.
    • Worked on ChicagoCHEC (U54 tri-institutional grant) Community Engagement Core to build + maintain partnerships with community-based organizations, federally-qualified health centers, hospital partners, and advocacy groups.
    • Worked with ChicagoCHEC staff to create a stakeholder interview guide around their perceptions of ChicagoCHEC's success, strengths + opportunities for improvement; Conducted stakeholder interviews
    • Participated in grantwriting for grants from the NCI/NIH.
    • Led ChicagoCHEC staff in data collection for a Community Partners Resource Guide as a way to meet expressed community partner needs; designed and formatted Resource Guide for print.
  • Muui.
    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, + remote work. (2015.12 - 2016.08).
    • Directed a 10-week wheelchair travel web series; recorded footage on site in Vietnam.
    • Co-conducted interviews with local participants.
    • Peer-mentored series co-creator in video production and video project management, skills that he used later to make more Muui video projects.
    • Developed concept + format was used in later Muui projects.
    • Trained a remote team of 10 interns to subtitle series in English, Korean + Vietnamese.
  • Dipont Education Management.
    Regional video project manager.
    Hangzhou, China. (2014.08 - 2015.08).
  • Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center, Viswanath Lab.
    Research assistant.
    Boston, MA. (2011.06 - 2014.08).
  • Novartis.
    Internal communications intern.
    Basel, Switzerland. (2012.06 - 2012.07).
  • Rush University Medical Center.
    Summer Biochemistry Research Program.
    Summer research student. (2010.06 - 2010.08).
  • American Cancer Society, IL Division.
    Summer Research Program.
    Summer research student. (2009.06 - 2009.08).